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           Liners may need to be replaced in your swimming pool for many reasons. Here are the top ten reasons why a liner has to be replaced in an above ground swimming pool:
  1. The water has not been treated and/or filtered for too long and the pool is too nasty.
  2. The auto-cleaner tore up the bottom edge of the liner.
  3. Excessive nut-grass, moles, or horned-nose beetles caused too many holes to repair
  4. A cow falls in the pool or a horse damages the outside from scratching a persistent itch.
  5. The rusty interior of the pool wall took life from the liner.
  6. The homeowner's dogs "dog paddled" the side of the liner to death.
  7. Someone's kids had fun poking holes in the liner with non-pool toys or the pool pole.
  8. The pool is leaking and no-one can figure out where.
  9. The pool was drained and left without water too long and the liner shrunk.
  10. The liner is brittle from age.
Whatever the reason, whatever the need, Contact us today and we will be happy to provide a free quote!
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            Whether you need your pool opened or closed for the season, a patch for your liner, a minor repair or a major repair, a new pool pump or your pool re-leveled, Stellar Pools can help!
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         Pools makes the summer time a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. The kids can swim and wear themselves out while at the same time you are being conscious of their health. Sitting in front of the TV all day and gaining weight could put your kids at risk for all kinds of health issues. The benefits of an above ground pool are extensive.
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