Stefano D'Aquino

I hire StellarPools for all my closings and openings and I never have a problem. They know what they are doing and I don’t have to worry about anything! I am a happy and satisfied customer. 

I was ready to scrap my pool after having to replace my liner three times in a six year period until Marc the owner of Stellar Pools came to the rescue and shared the secret of why this kept happening. I bought a new liner from Marc and had him install it. It’s been a few years now and his liner still looks great and no more problems. I waited a few years to write a review just to make sure it all happen like Marc promised. The most honest and straight forward guy I have ever dealt with in any type of service and he gives his cell number to all his costumers which I find amazing. You can always reach him. I love it!

I tried to save a couple hundred dollars over Stellar Pools install quote. That was a huge mistake. The other company installed and it was not level and that’s just for starters. One end of the pool was touching the deck and the other end was 1.5 feet away from my deck. It’s an oval pool. I took the pool down with my son right away and called StellarPools to come and reinstall it. Their service was outstanding, that was a job done right! Marc is a true Pro and has knowledge about anything regarding pools. Don’t learn the hard way like I did, just call StellarPools. I am writing this review because I am very happy with the quality of the job and no more headaches or money wasted! Thank you, Marc!   

Santiago M.

My neighbor recommended to call Stellar Pools to get my liner replaced. He seemed to be very satisfied with the quality of both the liner and the installation after having several issues with a liner he bought online. After some research my wife and I decided to hire Stellar Pools and we are happy we did. We highly recommend StellarPools. 

Richard and Amy

Rita B. 

Rodrigo J.

Danny F.

Keith N. 

Thank you for doing such a great job getting our pool back up and in shape for the season last summer. thanks for the recommendations. Hopefull we'll be good to go for a good while. 

Stellar Pools

When my pool liner blew out I found Marc at Stellar Pools to be extremely professional with an obvious vast amount of experience. He gave me a cost quote that beat others I shopped and the job was done in fast. The final cost was as he promised, the same as the quote. Not only did he replace my liner, but he went above and beyond and fixed a minor leak in my return line that I didn't even know about at no extra cost. I would have no problem recommending Stellar Pools to anyone.

​Quality Pool Installation and Liner Replacement!

Above Ground and Inground Pool Services

Stellar Pools, Pool Contractors, Holden, MA

The pool service that Marc (Stellar Pools owner) and his assistant provided was outstanding. First and foremost, Marc is genuinely interested in his customers being able to fully enjoy their pools. He takes great pride in the outcome of his work, and this shows in the way he operates. I paid very close attention when he was working on our pool - everything he does is carefully thought out and executed. He uses a small ladder to access a drained above-ground pool, so that he never touches the pools walls; he uses foam flips-flops to walk on the liner in order to prevent pin hole damage, and switches back to sneakers on the outside; he has an efficient way of removing an old liner so that not a single leaf will drop onto the pool sand. Marc is very knowledgeable on pools products, their prices, suppliers (on the web and local), and best practices. He saved me from myself when I was ready to have him install a liner I had purchased on the web. He put my liner and a sample of his preferred liner side by side and there was no comparison in terms of thickness and pliability. He recommended installing a bottom drain in our above-ground pool at a reasonable price and now our pools drains as effectively as an in-ground pool, cutting filter run times drastically. He flawlessly repaired a rusted area by installing a metal plate, and ended up installing a 2nd smaller plate at no extra cost. He saved me a 2nd time from myself when he recommended painting the inside of the pool walls with a tar-like paint to slow down further rust damage. We had agreed on touching up the rusted up areas, but he ended up treating the entire inside walls for no extra cost. He educated me on how to deal with leaves in the fall so that opening the pool in the spring is easier. All emails were returned in near real-time, including on Saturdays and Sundays. On a personal level he was straightforward, easy to deal with, and followed through on all his promises. Stellar Pools is truly head and shoulders above the pack, a stellar service indeed. Thanks Marc, well done! (I have no affiliation whatsoever with Stellar Pools financial or otherwise, other than the outstanding pool service described here.)

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